D is for Determination character for schools

Determination is about making your mind up about something and pushing yourself to keep going until you achieve your goal.

  • Determination is not giving up when things are difficult.
  • Determination is to keep on trying and focusing on the dream you are working towards.
  • Determination is setting your goals and working towards them.
  • Determination is finding a way around an obstacle that is in the way of you working towards your goal.

You can show determination by:


  • Setting goals and working towards them.
  • Never giving up.
  • Looking for solutions to overcome any problems you face.
  • Asking for help.
  • Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. If it doesn’t work just try it a different way until you find a way that works for you.


Can you think of an example when you showed determination? What did it help you achieve?


Think about all your dreams and goals. Which one do you most want to achieve? What difference will it make to your life? Imagine yourself achieving it. How does it make you feel? Draw a picture of yourself achieving your dream. Stick it on the wall in a place where you will see it everyday to remind you what you are working towards.


When you are stuck and things feel difficult just think about your goal and remember that through hard work you can achieve great things!


Here are some quotes about determination to inspire you:

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things”. – Leonardo da Vinci

“I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination”. – Zig Ziglar

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell