Barkisland CE VA Primary School

School character badges

The pupils of Emmaus school council enjoyed being involved with in the design process

Barkisland CE (VA) Primary School loved their new school character so much that they asked us to produce some pin badges featuring the new sheep character. Their new sheep character was designed to help them promote their new school values. They wanted all their pupils to wear this school badge to draw even more attention to their new core values. We designed a bespoke shaped badge featuring the Barkisland school sheep character. Our design incorporated the sheep placed on a green hill with the words “Barkisland Core Values” underneath.

The original enamel badge we designed for the primary school proved so popular that the school then asked us to design a set of 10 bespoke pin badges – one for each of their core values. These eye-catching enamel badges are so cute that the pupil’s actively try and earn a badge by showing they understand and embrace the school’s core values. It encourages the pupils to keep up their good behaviour and effort throughout the school year so they can collect the whole family of core value badges. The sheep each ‘wear’ a different coloured jumper to co-ordinate with the rest of the branding that we have designed for the school.

The family of sheep badges are one of my favourite school badge designs that we have created.


Sheep shaped enamel pin badge with S = Success on it's red jumper
The pupils' ideas were incorporated in the design of their new collecting book cover