Emmaus Catholic & C of E Primary School

School badges to promote good learning behaviour

Window shaped badge with fake gold plating. It features the word "Ready" from the school's learning behaviours

Emmaus Catholic and Church of England Primary School wanted to introduce 6 good learning behaviours to the school to encourage better behaviour and attainment of their pupils. They asked School Postcards to design some an eye-catching visual to promote these new learning behaviours. As a Catholic and Church of England school their logo is based around the bible story – Journey to Emmaus. The school asked me to include the path and cross from their school logo in the graphics that we created for them. We came up with a learning behaviour window design from which all our other design and branding for the school has been based. We assigned a particular colour to each learning behaviour, which we have then used consistently throughout our designs to help differentiate each behaviour.

The school asked us to design a set of 6 school badges to encourage and reward good learning behaviours. We came up with a simple but eye-catching design based around a simplified version of the learning behaviours window we had previously designed for the school. We used the particular colour we had assigned for each learning behaviour for the enamel infill for the path and windowsill to easily differentiate each badge. The school also wished us to include the academic year dates to show which year the badge was earned. As gold features in the school logo we designed the badges with gold coloured plating instead of the more common silver nickel plating. This looked really effective in combination with the silver enamel infill we used to frame the window design and made teh badges look really special.



window shaped school badge with gold coloured metal plating with the word "Ready"
Each window shaped badge has a different colour for each learning behaviour.
It has a been a great pleasure to work with Kathryn. She very quickly understands the school context and her designs fit the school perfectly. She is a true professional and it is important to her that she works with the school on the design process which means that she is very happy to alter any parts or aspects of the design until the school have exactly what they want. I am very happy to recommend Kathryn’s work to any other school.
Helen Simmerson

Headteacher, Emmaus Catholic & C of E Primary School