Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Core value school badges

We have designed a range of different school badges for Arbourthorne to keep their core values fresh and exciting

We have worked with Arbourthorne Community Primary School since 2009 to create consistent school branding and promote their core values. We have worked in partnership with them to conceive¬† many innovative new ideas for the school over the years. The school’s core values are very important to the school and are a key part of everything they do. They help the school instil good behaviour and expectations for their pupils. It is important to them that we keep the ideas fresh every year to keep the children engaged and motivated.

One of the key items the school has asked us to design for them are bespoke enamel badges. The children collect these special pin badges on their school tie. We have come up with many different designs over the years. They have usually included a star within the design, which is a key aspect of the school branding and features in the school logo that we designed for them. We started off designing a simple star shaped badge with the core value word in the centre of it. We designed 8 different ones; one for each of the school’s core values. A shooting star theme badge then followed and this proved so popular the school also wanted to add three new shooting star badges to promote their school manners. We also included the academic year dates on some of our badge designs.

The pupils love collecting these badges. Kathryn our designer told us

“When I have been visiting the school, I have had pupils come up to me to show me the badges they have earned and tell me all about them. Little did they know that I am the one responsible for designing the school badges for them”.

As well as these school badges we have designed a number of other praise and reward items to work alongside the badges to continually motivate and excite the Arbourthorne students with their learning and excite them about the school values. These include sticker collecting cards with co-ordinating stickers, collecting card books, certificates and star medals.


The pupils love colecting these bespoke enamel pin badges featuring their school's core values
When the pupils collect all the stickers on their core value card they exchange it for an enamel badge. The completed cards are assembled into a unique keep sake book.